Immunity Boosts from Chiropractic Care: Protect Against the Flu

As the weather continues it’s rollercoaster of extreme cold to mild days, the chorus of sickness grows louder. It seems we are surrounded by coughs, sneezes, and sniffles. Cold and flu season can be gruesome with germs floating around to latch on to the first susceptible victim. However, there are ways to boost the immune system to prevent or ward off illness.

While it is important to follow a healthy diet with a mix of fruits and vegetables, chiropractic care can aid in boosting immunity. If the body is in pain, the nervous system is preoccupied with the discomfort instead of keeping sickness at bay. Our health and immunity is reliant on the alignment of the spine. With a simple adjustment, the nervous system is relaxed enough to coordinate with the immune system. The best way to have optimal health is to have a balance between the nervous and immune functions of the body. Ultimately, patients could see a 200 percent improvement in immune competence with regular chiropractic assistance!

Additionally, minimizing stress, getting extra sleep, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise can maximize a patient’s overall immunity to the illnesses around us. Trying something like yoga, meditation, or even reading could benefit overall health. Consuming water with a slice of lemon could also aid in a building a barrier between the viruses and our fragile immunity. However, a trip to the chiropractor just might be what the doctor ordered to keep your immune system healthy and strong.