Happy Valentine’s Day

‘Tis the season for love in a month filled with candy, hearts and chocolate. But as we make plans with our significant others or friends, we often forget to make plans for ourselves.

According to American Chiropractic Association, about 80% of Americans will experience back pain sometime in their lives, which is one of the most common causes of missed work in the U.S. Some of the leading causes of this pain is our increasing reliance on technology. From our desk computers at work to our smart phones in the palms of our hands, we put strain on our back and neck each and every day. However, the pain can be caused from a variety of reasons from psychological stress to internal disease, like kidney stones or bone loss.

One way we can “love our spine” during February is to make plans with your chiropractor to get an adjustment or an analysis on what could be causing your pain. From there, practice low-impact exercises like yoga and pilates to strengthen your core and posture. When supplemented with chiropractic care, yoga can help the body receive the adjustments, increase range of motion and assist in overall healing.

Additionally, stretching, walking and even bathing in a warm bath can help with back pain. When these are accompanied with chiropractic care, it’s a match made in heaven. Show your spine some love during February.