Chiropractic care helps fight allergy symptoms

Allergies can make life miserable between the stuffy nose, itchy eyes, nagging cough, and so many more annoying symptoms. Even worse is when none of the traditional remedies seem to work. Or if they do, they leave you in a medicine-head fog. The hassle of buying ineffective and expensive medication, along with the poor side effects, beg for another solution.

Chiropractic care is well known for it’s impact on the neck and back, but spinal alignment also helps boost the nervous system. Misalignment of your spine can cause irritation, creating strange signals throughout the nervous system. When this happens, the body can’t read information correctly and it reduces the immune system’s ability to fight illness and help heal the body.

Chiropractors help improve overall immune system function, helping the body naturally overcome allergic reactions. The same pathways that send signals to the brain also send signals throughout the body and to the immune system. If those signals get thrown off in any way, your immune system can either weaken or start attacking things it shouldn’t be – like allergens. Chiropractors fix this problem by aligning your joints and tissue to allow your nervous system to more accurately and efficiently send those signals.

If you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, try chiropractic care first – start with a healthy spine for a healthy life!