Chiropractic Care for Infants

The health of a newborn baby is the most important thing to the parents and doctors. We spend a lot of time (and money) invested in the care of newborns, often with multiple medical professionals and various services. With those costs adding up, we’d like to bring infant chiropractic care into the discussion, and how it can have a positive impact on the newborn’s health, as well as the parents’ pocketbook.

The nerves in our body are essentially highways of information, with your brain sending signals along the spine to various parts of the body. When a baby is born, those highways are at their weakest point as they are still developing. If a baby were to have any breaks or damages in any of those highways, it could create errors in how information is sent throughout the body. These “errors” can result in ear infections, trouble breastfeeding, constipation, or poor sleep habits. While all of these symptoms may be minor and short-lived, if the problems are never corrected it could lead to more serious issues such as asthma, ADD or ADHD, migraines, and many more health complications.

There are signs to watch for to determine if your newborn needs to visit a chiropractor. The first thing might be problems latching during breast-feeding. This points to potential issues with the baby’s neck not being aligned, creating difficulty in range of motion or turning his or head. The next issue to be wary of is excessive spitting, as this can be attributed to the spine being misaligned near the diaphragm. Another symptom to be aware of is colic. Chiropractors can address the underlying cause of your baby’s fussiness, not just treat symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments help restore proper nervous system functioning, which results in colic relief for many infants.

Even without these obvious warning signs, there are underlying reasons to bring your newborn in for a chiropractic screening. A baby’s spine is constantly under pressure in the developmental years, from the process of being born to sitting up, crawling, and all the falls that happen when your child is learning to walk. Many adults have back pain that can be attributed to childhood injuries that weren’t properly treated. Chiropractors can help spot early issues and correct them before they become chronic ailments, causing further medical intervention and the high medical bills that go with conventional care.

We would love to demonstrate the safe and effective impact chiropractic care can have on newborns and early childhood – schedule your appointment today!